Security company in Tam Ky city, Quang Nam Province

Security company in Tam Ky. The company provides all kinds of Security Services. Personal security services. Including cargo asset protection. Protect people. Safety Services Consulting. Security guard training. The goals of security services include: factories, offices, schools, construction sites, buildings, hotels, resorts, protecting people...

Security guard Thanh Long has a clear identity and a clear background. The security guard has no criminal record. Methodical training from internal textbooks drawn from reality. The Police Department for administrative management of social order takes the exam for the certificate of security profession. The company has its own registered uniform. The work is equipped with supporting tools. Tools such as rubber sticks, electric sticks, walkie-talkies, flashlights.

Customers using the Company's security services are large enterprises. Specifically, Ducksan Vina, Young Jin, Panko E and D (Tam Thang Industrial Park, Tam Ky, Quang Nam). Moonchang Company, One Woo (Korea - in Ha Lam Industrial Park); Domex Company (Taiwan - Ha Lam Industrial Park). Germton Company (Dong Que Son Industrial Park, Que Son District). PanKo E&D Mall. OBS Company, YS Vina (Truong Xuan Industrial Park, Tam Ky, Dacotex Chu Lai Company (North Chu Lai Industrial Park, Nui Thanh).

Customers want to find and hire a security company in Quang Nam. Please contact Thanh Long Quang Nam Company.

Office at 253 Trung Nu Vuong street, Tam Ky city. Phone: 02353.702.888. Email:

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