Supply security service AgriBank Resort Hội An

Agribank Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa cách phố cổ Hội An 5km, di sản văn hóa thế giới Mỹ Sơn 48km, Ngũ Hành Sơn (Non Nước) 20km và thành phố Đà Nẵng 30km. Đây là vị trí trung tâm thuận lợi cho du khách tham quan các địa danh Lịch sử - Văn hoá, các danh lam - thắng cảnh của vùng đất Quảng Nam - Đà Nẵng. 

Security company in Hoi An belongs to Thanh Long Security. Professional security company with a lot of experience. Established in 2009. The founding members are police officers who have changed careers. The management is knowledgeable about the profession and has practical knowledge. The management team understands the locality, builds government relations. Ability to react quickly to target safety, ready to set up rules for customers.

The staff is well-trained and has its own curriculum. Employees are trained and practiced directly at the workplace. Provincial police examine and issue certificates of professional security services. The company equips support tools for employees to work. Types of Support Tools registered with the police and licensed. Including electric sticks and stun guns, slingshots, slingshots. Radio equipment is assigned a dedicated frequency by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The company's transceiver equipment is registered and authorized to use.

Thanh Long Security Company has provided security in Hoi An for many customers.

Typical customers in Hoi An are Thanh Nien Hotel. Customers The visitor stop has a natural essential oil factory. Kimmy Fashion Company. The school unit is the Green Buds Kindergarten. Hoian Home Town Resort…

You need to find a professional security company. Please contact phone number 0914158151. Thanh Long Company will send professional survey staff. We advise the best and economical plan for you.

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