Security service in Ha Lam industrial zone

Thanh Long security service company provides security in Ha Lam, protection for factory customers in Ha Lam Cho Duoc Industrial Park. Customers are factories based in Ha Lam Industrial Park, such as Domex, One Woo, OBS, etc. Customers are garment companies with a large number of workers, the process of checking people and goods. at the tight gate.

Adjacent to Thang Binh area is the area of South Hoi An, Que Son, Duy Xuyen area, Tam Ky city area, Chu Lai, Nui Thanh, Dien Ban, Hoi An.

In the Que Son areas, Thanh Long company is providing protection for Germton Industrial - G.I Factory and G.E factory

In Duy Xuyen area, Thanh Long company is protecting RIO Company, Dinco Nam Hoi An Concrete.

Tam Thang Industrial Park area in Tam Ky city has factories PanKo, Ducksan Vina, YoungJil, ...

Thanh Long Security Service Company hopes to bring quality, reputable security services, ensuring peace of mind and entrustment of customers.

If you have any questions, please call sales office number 02363700833 or Quang Nam Security office number 02353702888, 0914158151.

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