Professional security company in Chu Lai Industrial zone

Security Company in Chu Lai, Nui Thanh District

Security Company in Chu Lai, Branch of Thanh Long Quang Nam Security Company. The branch has been operating since 2012. More than 10 years of experience in protecting many large-scale clients. Thanh Long company meets factory inspection standards for goods to Japan, America and Europe.

Especially, Thanh Long Company has experience in protecting textile factories. Typical customers (Domex Quang Nam in Ha Lam Industrial Park, Thang Binh district, Ducksan vina, Young – Jil, ... in Tam Thang Industrial Park, Tam Ky city). Garment Company (One Woo at Ha Lam Thang Binh Industrial Park, OBS Ha Lam Cho Duoc, ..., fabrics (RIO - Duy Xuyen in Duy Trung Industrial Park), Dacotex Hai Au Xanh - Chu Lai - Nui Thanh - Quang Nam, Vast Apparel Garment Company in Tam Dan Industrial Park, Tam Ky City, Germton Industry Company in Dong Que Son Industrial Park, Que Son District, Fuma at Chu Lai Port, Ky Ha Port, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province...

Thanh Long Security Company - Quang Nam Branch has strict staff management regulations. Meeting the personnel requirements of the management unit to create the trust of customers.

In Chu Lai Nui Thanh area. Thanh Long Security Company is providing Security Services for Hai Au Xanh Factory. The customer is a garment manufacturer and exporter. Therefore, the protection is tight, meeting CTPAT standards for the US market. Security services are thoroughly trained for employees. Quality assurance for customers.

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