Providing Security Service for Sumida Quang Ngai factory

Security company in Quang Ngai rehearses fire prevention plan at Sumida Electronics Company - Tinh Phong Industrial Park, Quang Ngai province. Fires at Factories are a disaster for Business Owners, in order to ensure the property and safety of workers working in the factory, Thanh Long Danang Security Service Company in Quang Ngai always pays attention to focus on safety and fire prevention.
Especially at the beginning of the hot season, the company always checks the fire protection system at the customer unit as well as develops a fire protection plan at each customer unit that the company provides protection services.

We operate on the principle of People - Service - Customer Obligations. Special protection services in person, the first is the input recruiting qualified and physically. Service is professional training is tightly controlled personnel working at Target ISO 9001: 2008 and 5S practices, service quality control stability during supply. The obligation to the customer is to be liable and indemnified for material loss or damage to the image caused to the customer.

Da Nang Thanh Long Security Service, with "The Mind and Prestige” we take Customers’ interests are top priority on development, and will be a companion with customers on the road to success.


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