Moving Target Security Service

Moving Target Security ServiceThanh Long Security Company provides Moving Target Protection Services, including forms such as protecting goods moving on the road, escorting property, escorting individuals carrying assets to be protected moving on the road. The road is safe, escorting money to ATM, escorting money to move from Head Office or branches to transaction offices, escorting money - gold moving from the place of receipt to the awarding point, escorting valuable goods Great value is usually gold for customer loyalty programs.

The moving target protection force is selected from a team of Target commanders who have extensive experience in security, have vehicle escorts, and have support tools such as stun guns, electric sticks, etc. .., The system of radios to communicate with private frequencies is granted by the Department of Frequency - Ministry of Information and Communications,....

Thanh Long Security Company has had experience in protecting moving assets such as property protection and the European Golden Ball to Da Nang to exchange at East Sea Park in 2017, applying gold to awarding points of the Ariston brand, Personal escort with a large amount of assets when transacting,...


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