Office security services

Office security servicesSecurity service of Thanh Long Security Company is to provide safety. Provide protection for agencies and organizations. Services include safety protection, property protection and protection for people. Agency security services can include activities such as: monitoring, exchanging information, handling emergency situations. Maintain property integrity and maintain agency rules, etc.

The goals to be protected of this type include:

1. Protect customer assets, for example buildings, assets in buildings, warehouses, vehicles,...

2. Maintain rules for customers.

3. Patrol and check equipment safety.

3. Personal protection of those working in the agency.

It is necessary for state agencies to have offices or offices to arrange security guards to maintain agency rules, arrange vehicles, guide visitors to work, and preserve property for employees. agency and property for its officers and employees, take care of security and prevent fire, contribute to stabilizing order and maintaining the prestige of state agencies.

Thanh Long Security Company provides security services across the country, the company has provided security services for state agencies, business offices, offices of friendship organizations, social organizations , Ngos, offices of diplomatic missions in provinces and cities.

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